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Get Cash to Play Online Games
Posted by: egaage, 2013-08-20, 10:35 - 0 comments

Our of will hold two new programsWe'll Pay You to Play Online Games

1. Contest Get Cash to Play Online Games
2. Point is you can be in exchange with U.S. dollars $

Contest Get Cash to Play Online Games

  • We will hold a contest for the winner with the highest points will receive a prize of $ 10.
  • Appointed time from 20 August - 20 November 2013.
  • We will contact the winner via the contact profile, verify paypal email is also sent gifts up to two working days.
  • The member is entitled to a reward member who has the highest point in the time that has been specified.
  • Payment via paypal.
  • Update winner Contest "ABILOWO". 
  • Congratulations to the user that won this game contests, and welcome to "Point is you can be in exchange with U.S. dollars" get a lot of dollars on each game. :)

Point is you can be in exchange with U.S. dollars $

  • This program will be run at a time after the 20th of november 2013 exactly after the contest program.
  • System that we use is the point that you get from playing the game online in our website you can exchange with U.S. dollars which will be sent via paypal.
  • For this program we will change every 1000 points you will point our exchange with $ 0.1
  • Minimum payout is $ 1 each on 15.
  • Payout request can directly contact the contact on the web and members must use the account in question.
  • Payout can not be represented on the move or from the other account.
  • Point will be reset each time payout.

Existing point for each activity are:

Playing a game - 15 Point
Post a comment -10 Point
Sending a report - 15 Point
Rating a game - 10 Point
Referring a user - 50 Point
Challenging a friend - 20 Point


  1. egaage and admin account is named admin. and be permitted to follow the contest and point-to-cash program. thanks
  2. This is not a scam and prove itself, it could not hurt you to play and without you realizing it you also get income from it.
  3. Contest winners will be posted on the NEWS page and will include account ID. For those of you who want to ask other players can click (profile player-send a message). whether awarded or not, prove it!

If you have any questions, criticisms or suggestions please contact us here.

A job as a video game tester
Posted by: egaage, 2013-03-13, 03:01 - 0 comments

How to stay at home every day, play video, your dream job and new games video game tester jobs, you don't have to pay for the test. Training for your dream job now took charge.

Video Game Tester feedback if you have not selected a local newspaper Just their favorite products, video game tester, very fresh and the link is not easy to be envious of a friend for the suggestion about hope as a gaming company, look for new types of public focus groups before the games.

Training and game industry, video game testing is a serious time to the various layers of the large companies in your area that you think education program. Test yourself, and other game system and game industry career type, you need to know the best way to play.

How to keep track of the latest news in the world of right-wing blogs and gaming industry and read the Forum for the latest trends in Games Games Games magazine subscriptions to create a good sound vocational passion.

Models and this game the game again. Do you think people who have something important to actually test: News comments and forum comments. I agree with your critics. If you follow the opinion of expert advice is always appreciated and tend to everyone, such as the page is very simple, but what is the depth of the struggle and I think the page is jealousy is my rock star games is a game Tester community desire, everyone can be happy.

If you really do something we are consistently growing industry experts. How're the best environment for learning the game industry the opportunity to accept may be their contract: fear not, pay for such a thing. People love life should be something like this:

Test video games play Games and people are visiting this Web site the serious salary and video game testing jobs introduced its best to think of dreams.

The Modern world is urgent, commitments and activities. And I love a bit of your favorite movie or TV show, in fact, most of the furniture is part of the computer and television everything is actually less time spent time with family leisure vehicle. Or do I just restore it so it might help in some games, especially family and friends or family recipe with family planning to do more. This game online games or traditional ways more people but the running game again, it is important to help the family no matter what.

If there are some really funny holiday family time play Christmas games family spending. This theme is common in family reunion or vacation, you can work with the other, but no matter what and that the entire family. Very good options out there but you need to select both. Other computers or board games, family games that require special needs.

Family feud game the best you can do is you can get on the Internet with family reunion games. You can also search any family feud questions and key that you want to use in your answer, you will get results for online games team. Your family or family fun Christmas games are a great way to get or just a dinner tonight after the game. Of course, every family should be able to play the game. Weather Permitting; Even you can go outside.

Great outdoor family games, some heavy physical activity level and you can play with other less strenuous, but less interesting. So family and to use the Internet to get some great ideas for the best games and take the time to understand. Should be good for your health, mood, although for a while it is important to spend time on family. For all the family to play together, learn together as a family and family games. During the holidays or just an average day is a game.

Tricks before playing a tank game
Posted by: egaage, 2013-02-24, 00:00 - 0 comments

Online Games tank games they are playing with a lot of weapons is one of the people who will be able to enjoy. Each round of play and take the lead for the repairing of an opportunity to transfer more weapons and improve the performance of all new games to win.

In some areas this is a forest. Mountains and deserts to move to the next level if you want to issue to complicate the game must go through the challenges. This level is more fun.

If you start the game and select the monochrome game depending on number of opponent tanks, cylinder. The game is controlled by the computer and the more interesting the way the tank game four cylinder do I know.

He changed the arms to provide, and then Click toolbar on the top of the shot and you can buy some of the power of the distance is missing repair kit. On the toolbar, or select processor tank sok hotels near

This game is very easy. If you use the repair function to modify their Firefox on it, you can use the keyboard and mouse to control, you can also use your mouse to dozens of the estimated amount of the] game tank.

Use the arrow keys on the keyboard, and offers exercise games. Use the buttons to set power because both the front and the return. To change the primary use of the land when you are ready to start the game by pressing.

The games graphics are colorful and interesting look at the various pages. Most people of color and motion and flickering images, and both the original game and many more, enjoy the people come at the beginning. Increase the impact of their players play fun to develop.

Tips if you are addicted to the game
Posted by: egaage, 2013-02-23, 00:00 - 0 comments

Children can have some more game last new and fresh online games and failed to stop him playing time. Any online game and children ask when teeth.

Video games are an important part of our lives. They live in the virtual world more often so that we have a child to play and easy to find free time. Separation from family and friends, some of the guys new challenges to the next level of the game.

At one point, the fact that the world can be the best game performance. Science is very serious issues and public health 2005 series card player more than 1 hour, as well as various games, two Academy of Pediatrics 1 United States that heavy multi-phleyoe with the advent of online. The display direction of the eye in the eternal child

Jessica Hecht Orzack PhD wokraf 40% of people in the World game online games is suffering. Reference year 2006 meeting report of the interview consists of 12 issues online during the games.

We are aware that Online gambling is not puberty, some of the symptoms of the disorder but surprisingly United States Medical Association for victims of addiction is a very complex game and virtual world of a regular player can't force online game strategies, issues, and more players set to send about cool.

The number of employees. Unable to control the urge to play in all players. Children, young people and adults. However, all this is simply not true.

Then, you can leave as a human interest. High score game is a new way to search for and rescue him with somebody, but try to entice a strike anyway.

Be displayed?

The game is designed to aggravate these problems, children's games, infinite, their friend returns the day high. I've heard, very common and is forced by the pressure the game online.

Children addicted to video games and poor relationships skills have a serious problem and easy. "These are the London Hammersmith Hospital is part of the are in the middle of the game. 2005 Dopamine hormone dopamine levels can improve enjoyment of the body during the second time researchers work. This allows you to modify the behavior of a feeling of the atmosphere of the chemical.

Symptoms of gambling addiction.

What if you or your child play video probably think follow through the Internet. Play Sony lalaep desktop icons or the same before the game as one of the most important format and computer game time. Depression and manic depression other legend online. The illusion is often busy and times online.

Sudden weight gain or lose weight and change. Ongoing activities and informing me about the Internet games have long been a liar in some children.

Your child, we recommend that you use this symptoms before the time display. My Room computer system. In some cases, the game will be played on the home field of the game can help you and your child.

If you do not have a child with the addictive behavior to go on the screen. In some cases, could become a professional treatment center located in thinking school therapy and treatment center. His son is the most important thing for help as soon as possible.

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